Localization Studio

We have developed our own automated solution for localization of enterprise applications, which has been implemented as product, called Localization Studio. Our approach simplifies and speeds up localization process tenfold. Localization Studio is the application that deals with source code and is very useful:

For developers:
  • Reduces development time spent on internationalization
  • Allows to filter out values which should not be translated
For localization management:
  • Continuous integration of localization process
  • Allows to assess the volume and cost of localization and internationalization
  • Simplifies the interaction between the stages of localization development
For test engineers:
  • Facilitates testing process (pseudo localization)
  • Tracks semantic translation
For translators:
  • Allows to upload and download transfers for huge applications in a few minutes
  • Tracks duplication translation

As a result we get a fully localized application spending minimum time and resources.

Localization studio screen shot 1
Localization studio screen shot 2
Localization studio screen shot 3

Try It Now

Beta version of Localization Studio is available for download.

Download it on your PC and try all advantages of automated approach in Localization!

Be sure to also check out this Localization Studio Tutorial to take a quick look at Localization Studio's key features demonstrated on real Asp.Net web application.

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  • Internationalization Expertise and Assessment
  • Localization Assessment
  • Localizability Verification
  • Localization Management organization and optimization


  • Internationalization Development
  • Internationalization Testing


  • Software Localization and Translation:
    • User Interface Localization
    • Technical Documentation
  • Website Localization
  • Localization Software Testing

About Company

The LocServ company has experience in localization of large corporate systems. Our team has developed a unique approach to the applications localization using Localization Studio automated tool, which allows us to save both development and testing time. As a result the customer can reduce expenses on localization activities. Localization Service is a whole range of localization and internationalization services.

Localization Service is a member of Softengi – Softengi is a global SOFTware ENGIneering service provider. It is a software development company committed to providing services of highest quality to ensure Customer's competitive advantage is supported in the best way. The goal - to provide top quality service for competitive advantage of clients. Softengi's services include the development of custom software solutions and consulting in IT, re-engineering systems, business process outsourcing and services in the field of computer graphics.

The LocServ are:

  • Expertise of product readiness for localization;
  • Internationalization and localization of enterprise applications;
  • Localization Software Testing.