Software Localization Engineering

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

localization imageSoftware localization engineering is a central component of the whole localization process. Engineers usually have a wide range of tasks and responsibilities, including:

  • Project evaluation and setup
  • Compilation and resizing
  • Processing updates
  • Cosmetic testing
  • Supporting linguists and project managers
  • Editing graphics

Note that these tasks and responsibilities will vary from one company to another, but LocServ's engineers are truly supports such list of tasks. Because software localization vendors have a wide portfolio of clients, localization engineers need to familiarize themselves with a huge number of development platforms, tools, and file formats. In addition to the platform and tool knowledge engineers need to have, they have responsibility for both the software and the online help components.

We're localizing well with help of Bert Esselink's book - A Practical Guide to Localization. In the next blog-posts we'll share a lot of useful info, taken from this great book.